The Nolan Clan with Uncle Nicky

A friend from the USA says she’s been regularly following the blog, but wondered why I hadn’t posted since January. I couldn’t believe her, but I checked, and correct she was; no DDU for almost 6 month! And yet, somehow, life carries on apace…how did all that time slip away…?

Brisbane Airport pickup

Kids lovin’ their Uncle

Now in our fourth (!) year in Australia, we are all doing well, settled into the normal life rhythms….birth, school, work, death….all that stuff…(almost!)
I was recently asked to be ED Director, a real honor, and a big job. The ED at Redlands is approaching 60 K visits and has around 250 employees and staff. Everytime I try to leave this country, they make me a better offer…!

But times have changed!

Nicholas was between jobs and able to get away for 3 weeks of R&R down under. Late March- Mid April, late summer, early fall here….Perfect…We took him on a tour of all our favorite haunts…

Beach Beauties, Claire and Cate
Bruns Pub love

Cabin at Brunswick Heads

Aussie Chillin’

The old wooden footbridge to the beaches

Aidan with a nice Bream

Byron Headland
Iconic Lighthouse, Byron Head

Tallow Beach, Byron Bay NSW

Sweet southern sun, watch that burn…!

Lennox Heads

Me and Cate

Banksia Bloom

Fishin’ was just the alibi

Bruns Pub groovin’

My daughties…

Brothers reunion

Natural Bridge hike

Cast after party

Luckily, Nicholas was here during the kids school play, “The Wizard of Oz”. They worked really hard at it, and it came off wonderfully. Featuring Luke Nolan as the hippest Wizard ever, Claire as a munchkin and Aidan as an angry apple tree…

The MAN!!

Sushi with the neighbors, Stephanie and Jean

Story Bridge, a Brisbane landmark

Brisbane River

uhhmm… that ain’t right…

Another great coincidence was that Luke and Claire were getting one of their open-ocean dives done. So, we all headed across Moreton Bay to the wrecks at Tangalooma, a fantastic artificial reef for diving and snorkeling.

Luke and Claire with Harvie the Divemaster

Claire ready to go

The kids have done really well with the diving, which can be challenging off the Australian coast…”So proud…” 🙂

Luke all set to dive

Leaving the wrecks

Glasshouse Mountains from Moreton Bay

Day hike on Mount Coolum, near Noosa

Next up was a last minute ED conference at the resort town of Noosa, on the Sunshine coast. Amazing how it all came together, including accommodations for eight!

Stairmaster time…!

Claire beat me to the summit…just barely..!

Team Photo, Mount Coolum, Sunshine Coast

Looking good Owen!

Marcoola Beach phantom

Nice digs for Stephanie

Big Sandy N.P. wild coastline north of Noosa

Sublime Noosa Head N.P.


Hell’s Gate, Noosa NP

My wonderful eldest son, Luke

Noosa River and villages
Aidan at Noosa main beach

Noosa Main Beach

Outrigger Resort, Noosa

Hastings Street, Noosa

ID please, Aidan…

Finally, time was getting short and it was back to Raby Bay, Cleveland for a few preliminary good-bye celebrations. So great to get a visitor from home…:-)

Luke’s amazing wild-caught and self-prepared calamari

Sunset cocktails on the pontoon

Aussie beer…yes…!!

The last supper…for now…

Siblings 4 eva

Finally, and sadly, lift-off morning…and a farewell, not goodbye, to Uncle Nicky….We hope you had a wonderful Aussie adventure with the Nolans! We loved hosting you and welcome any family or friends from the States to swing through if their travels take them through the Brisbane area…Love from us all, still, in Australia.

And, this entry makes me realize how remiss and tardy I’ve been here at DDU…I still can’t believe it’s been 6 months…We are doing stuff, honestly…maybe I’ll do a random catch-up entry asap…At least before another 6 months goes by I certainly hope…!
Anyway, my love to all, near and far-flung, from DDU, still manning his post here in Brisbane, Australia. Someone’s gotta do it I suppose….

Morning from the dock, Raby Bay

Airport selfie…

And one last, best, Cate hug…..

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