Luke, aka Snorkel Santa

 We just finished our 3rd Aussie Christmas. It’s mid-summer down here, and an eight week school break, so the Aussie’s all take off to the beach for an extended summer holiday. They are really into Christmas as well, so the familiar trappings of (plastic) trees, Santas and Christmas carols are everywhere. It is very disorienting to try and get into the mood when it’s 90 degrees, under brilliant summer sunlight. I suppose we will just have to adapt to the chilled jumbo prawns and fresh mangoes poolside. Pity the poor expats….!
Smell the fresh scent of plastic!

But work in the ED carries on, 24/7/365

Santa’s helpers

When life gives you mangos….

The skiing alternative….

Evenings out on the veranda

Aussie Ginger Beer…Luke approved.

Christmas Ham Dinner– all served cool….

Working off those calories

Aussie Christmas Day

Seasonal flowers

My three wonderful sons

Pandanus Palm

Christmas Choir

Claire’s handmade masterpiece

Growing up!

Summer blooming

A Brisbane summer storm blowing up….

Tempting the fates…

Lightning fear…

Merry Christmas from Brisbane, Australia 2014 !!!

 I thought it might be fun to just throw in a random bunch of
photos of what we’ve been up to since the Sydney trip.
So, here’s a quick blast of various fun, interesting or downright
weird stuff we’ve experienced recently. Enjoy!!

Boxing Day sea monster!!

Watch yer fingers…!

Crazy monster eel caught off the dock

Ominous seabirds….

Banksia bloom

White faced heron (and doctor…)

Beach Hyacinth?

Rae’s at Wategos…where we couldn’t afford to stay…

The Pass, Byron Bay

Keepin’ it simple folks

Byron Beach scribblings

Me and “Mister Skunky…”

Aidan in the surf

The Bruns Pub- my favorite hideaway…

The return of ominous seabirds….

Luke at the Pass, Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Head from Brunswick Heads beach, with kite sailors

Freedom brothers

My beloved Cate

The three young’ns

Luke and Cate, besties….

Aquatic Center, Cleveland

My lovely ladies

Ma ‘n Pa

Stephanie in Brisbane- the Big Smoke

Southbank evening

The Brisbane eye

A G-20 survivor

Laughing eel
Beach bod! (Uhmm….:-0…!)


Surf Lifesaver Santa
On the beach-Brunswick Heads

So, a perfect Aussie Christmas moment; as I was walking down the open, endless beach at Brunswick Heads I came upon this Surf Lifesaver group and thought, “That’s a perfect Christmas photo…” I approached and asked if I could get a few shots..In true Aussie fashion, they were really psyched and cooperative. When I asked them if I could put them on my blog that would be read all the way back to America and New York, the blonde bloke in the ballcap laughed incredulously and simply said, ” Oh cheerio, lovely….!”

So, that about sums up the year of 2014 for us in Australia….Oh cheerio, lovely! Thanks for following along. And we wish the same for you and your families in 2015…Merry Christmas and peace on earth to one and all…..DDU

Merry Aussie Christmas… Oh, Cheerio, lovely…..!


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