Aussie School Time!!

We finally got the time to get down the coastline a few hours and onto the world famous surf breaks of NE New South Wales in Byron Bay. Spent a few wonderful nights in a cabin, in the quiet beach town of Brunswick Heads. 

Cabin paths

Stephanie on the beach at Brunswick, Byron Head to the South
The footbridge to the beach

Brunswick Hotel

Heritage Church, Brunswick Head

All over Australia they rent out these fully outfitted cabins, sleep all seven, for $200 bucks a night. Private queen bed room, full linens, kitchenette, fridge, shower…Perfect way to go with active kids…

Boogie Boarding on the open beach, Brunswick Head

Waiting for the perfect wave
Oh, grow up…(someday, maybe…?)
The view from the cabin porch, over coffee…

Back to the Easternmost Point
Aussie surf breaks…endless heaven…

Future pro-surfer, (uhhmmm, face the other way, dude??)

But first, the hard work of learning…

The kids were all psyched to learn to surf, so a quick call got us linked up with Gary at Style Surfing in Byron. A very chill and capable Aussie surf instructor.. Helped the kids feel confident and comfortable in a whole new environment. “STOKED…” as they say here..Look him up if in the area, they were great…

Claire shows some good form

Kids in paradise

Even on a calm day the surf breaks have an uncanny, widely-spaced regularity and long rolling pattern. It’s very surprising how far an average surfer can ride a little 3 ft roller, 75-100 yards!

Nolan kids, Go….!

We are now heading into winter in the Southern Hemisphere ( just add 6 months)…The weather is cooler, and much drier..Mid 70-80’s F days, mid 50-60’s F nights….The ocean water on the beaches gets crystal clear now due to less rain and runoff from the rivers in this Northern Rivers area of NSW. They surf here year-round, but use a wet suit top in winter; even though the water feels balmy if you are a New Englander. After a few hours in the surf you can get a bit chilled..Then, just step out onto the beach and wait 5 minutes…

Mentor and Pupil

So, as advertized, everybody got up on the board and rode the waves…A real high point for the kids and a window into the very foreign, but very cool and technically complex world of “surf culture…”  Yes, there really is such a thing and it would be very tempting to spend a few decades on the East Coast of Australia working on my Master’s Degree….Hmmm…. 
Luke rides one in…
Cate getting up on a wave…
The Classroom…..
A quiet moment

Future Doctorate in surf studies…?  (aka Beach Bum…)
Post wave mellowness
May breaking blue waves fill your dreams…ddu

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