The kids are starting at the local Catholic school, Star of the Sea. About half of all Aussie kids attend non-public schools, and the Government subsidizes the choice..Uniforms mandatory, including sun hats…Individual uniforms identify school affiliation. Very Brit….

Then, on returning home in the rain, we find this five foot PYTHON (ISYN!) in the front garden..A good luck omen for the school year, or perhaps something more sinister…? Claire’s 11 year old classmate was rather blase on hearing the news..” Oh yeah, you’ll see them around the house, but not usually when it’s raining….”   I love this country…:-O.
PS- Watch out for those pythons now…ddu
Serpentine proof- I risked life n’ limb to record this….

3 thoughts on “FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL- AUSSIE STYLE, and a five foot PYTHON to mark the occasion…

  1. The kids look so cute (and awkward) in their uniforms OG. Those creases will buff out though. It's standard in Aus and NZ, and S will love not having to buy clothes for schoolwear. Great stories, it's fun to see Aus through your eyes (us Kiwis are locked in an intense trans-tasman rivalry so we think pffffft! about australia and aussies in general)

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