A Brief update, and still no Koala photos….Shipping still held up in customs……can’t wait to get hold of my old Toshiba laptop with actual, honest to goodness USB ports…Call me old school, but at least then I can hitch up my camera direct and download a few photos for you kind folks to see. There is a real downside to all these newfangled, Wifi only, too thin (and hip) for even a micro USB port or an SDcard slot….sorry, not to Apple-bash here, but….uh hmmm, your connectivity just plain sucks… there I said it, promised myself I wouldn’t go there, but….I did, and will now move on….Except, did I also tell you how much I hate not having a backspace erase too…It’s just not that hard….or am I missing something here…? Someone, please enlighten me….. we have been busy visiting amazing National Parks in SE Queensland, esp. Springbrook, a massive, collapsed volcano crater with rainforest-clad cliffs and 600 ft waterfalls right out of the Lost World. also, the Glasshouse Mountain N.P. Google the name for some stunning scenery. Well, enough of my rants and faves…I promise some catch-up photos once shipping arrives this week… Best, ddu

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