Twin Falls…duh…!
Springbrook NP overlook
Purling Brook Falls-600 ft !

In the weeks after landing and adjusting to the southern hemisphere, we’ve begun to get out and about a bit more within a few hours of Brisbane. Queensland is blessed with an amazing 2000 mile coastline, fronting a fertile coastal plain and backed up by the forested mountains of the Great Dividing Range. These mountains catch most of the moisture coming in off the Coral Sea and are spectacularly lush and diverse. Over the range, the dry side stretches on for thousands of miles, gradually transitioning from drier open eucalypt and pine forest, through grazing rangeland and finally out into the vast, arid outback of lore and legend. We haven’t made it out that way yet…In short, a vast, diverse series of habitats, much of which has been preserved in an assortment of parks and preserves. Queensland alone has something like 75 National Parks.. We hope to visit as many as possible. Here are a few shots of several, esp. Springbrook and Glass House Mountains, both remnants of Australia’s volcanic past, some 20-30 million years ago, and seemingly right out of the Lost World. Enjoy the scenery…!

Collapsed volcano escarpment defines the border, QLD to L, NSW to R
200-300 ft Escarpment with Rainforest below and Eucalypt forest above
A waterfall thru a cave and the cave has glow worms.. how cool is that…?

Numimbah Valley
Glasshouse Mnts and pineapple fields
Entering Springbrook plateau
Park facilities, paths, infrastructure all world class

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