Looking north, over the Bay

Sorry to be out of touch for the last 3 weeks or so…Lots going on…We have moved into a newer, bigger place, 24 Plymouth Court, in the Raby Bay Harbor.

Claire’s Welcome

…and Cate’s
Our pool by the canal

As rentals and homes in general are very expensive in Australia, we figured we may as well live by the water. It’s been really satisfying to watch the kids fish off the dock in the pre-dawn light; learning all about tides, boats and sea critters of all sorts. A very different world than Fairview Farm in New York state….

Yet another creature from the deep
Big A, in his element
Dr John’s silver rocket

Most rentals are unfurnished however. They even move out the appliances here. When it became evident that we’d have to outfit a house for seven, on top of everything else, Stephanie nearly broke down into tears. Luckily, the neighbors took us in as the Raby Bay charity cases of the year, and through their incredibly generous help and hard work, we furnished 60% of a four bedroon home almost entirely on donations, over a single weekend! We only had to lease a washer/dryer and fridge; but that’s so common here they did it in a few days, delivery, set-up and all set to go. In fact, they came and went without me even knowing they’d been here and gone!  You pay monthly or risk repossession, I guess….Voila, a new beginning!

“It’s a good thing…”(MS)

Here are a few shots of our first real dinner party, on a tableware hodgepodge of all the guest’s cast-offs and hand-me-downs. What a fun way to say thanks, complete with a nice selection of wines from Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.. A most excellent time, and also a Bon Voyage of sorts to some new friends who are off to the wild west of Perth, working an off-shore Liquid Natural Gas play for a year or two.

Arrivals and departures

Getting kinda rowdy!!!

The girls, in matching party dresses…

So new beginnings, housewarmings and a Bon Voyage too, all rolled up in this amazing adventure called life. Rest assured we are well, and I have Critters and more Medical images coming soon…Best, by the water, ddu

Now all we need’s a boat..and a skipper…
Stephanie and her boy… a challenge no doubt…

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