Staying in the old dairy workers cottage

So, as promised in Scenic Rim, part 1: Easter weekend, farmstay, 10 kids…Mayhem….and a REALLY great time! 

Main road walking

The Old Farmstead, over 100 years old


The Cedar Glen Farmstay is one of the oldest Eco-lodges in Australia. It sits in the middle of a 1000+ acre working cattle ranch.  In the 1970’s, beef prices were too low, and the family started hosting guests to help pay the bills. They have expanded beyond the main house and have added three other heritage buildings that were on site, or moved from surrounding ranches. The visitors now provide 75% of the farm’s income.

Dr Nolan in his natural habitat…

There are all sorts of outdoor activities on offer; hiking, or bushwalking, 4WD jeep tours, horseback riding, creek dipping, birding. Even boomerang throwing and making billy tea and damper Aussie-style…The ranch sits high up in the Lost World Valley, hard against the northern slopes of the Lamington National Park, so the birding and wildlife watching is superb.
A cute local…

A cute non-local…

The Lost World Valley

Simple but sublime…

Junior fire tender

A really big hit was the twice daily animal feeding and cow milking; chooks, turkeys, piglets, sheep everyone got some attention and the kids loved it.!

Easter Breakfast

The first day the younger kids got horse riding lessons,

Nice form Cate…!

Owen lookin’ good…

It was too muddy to go on the 4WD tour up onto the lookout on top of Jack’s Rocks, so Dad, Luke and Aidan hoofed it up for the views. It was super…and as an added bonus, we bushwacked under the cliffs to a series of caves and scrambled around. A bit worried about snakes, but none encountered, thankfully…too cool per Nigel…Of course, while driving down the road the next day we saw a meter long, very thick and highly poisonous Tiger snake basking right there…so……:-O….!

Jacks Rocks!!

The Lost World Valley below…

A very rough track…

Volcanic rock, not a wall at all
Proud Papa with a tall Luke
Proud Papa with big A
Rainforested ridges of Lamington NP above

Luke scrambling

Aidan going through a tight spot

On the way down we got caught in a soft misting rainstorm, then took an invigorating dip in the creek…Couldn’t get any wetter, and a wonderful way to spend Easter morning. Next, it was off to the cottage to greet the our Tasmanian friends, the Healys, and work on Easter dinner for 14…

Misty Mountain Hop

Happy Easter!!
Boneless leg of Lamb with wild mint gathered at the creek

Easter dinner was a blur of activity, but few pix due to a camera malfunction. Only imagine a torrential rainstorm on a tin-roofed cottage, perfectly cooked legs of lamb on the porch for 14, washed down with copious Aussie Shiraz and Cabs. Now blend in lively conversation and kid mayhem with all seemingly adrift in the starless black night at the very edge of the earth..sublime… Oh, and then being visited/ attacked by a very large and aggressive possum at the height of the party; the final feather in the cap of a perfect evening with friends and family…! Enguarde Mr. Possum….

The evil interloper, Mr Possum…He actually swatted an apple slice out of my hand!

The next morning at least dawned calm and clearing, if not my head…Time to get out and explore…

Morning neighbors..
Rounding up the main event
Country girl-buds

Scene of the crime…
Matt Healy and doc
Matt and Michaela Healy

Saddle up girls…!

Trouble times two…Owen and Hugh

Beauty and the Beast

Riding down the valley

God’s own country

Moms getting a breather…
The elders elect shank’s mare…

The kids with Nigel, ranch manager and owner

Easter picnic

My wonderful five kids….

Cold tub




Georgia and Claire

The kid’s handiwork…Impressive…!

Nigel and the kids, #2 (with ute…)
The back entrance to the park, paradise awaits…!
The road ahead

Ranch perfection…
Heritage country church

After a leisurely lunch creekside, it was time to pack up and head back towards Brisbane. But not before exploring a few miles of winding, Aussie gravel back roads. Country Queensland, a vast, stunning landscape that’s often missed by the casual visitor, but just over that next rise…Familiar, but quirky and unexpected…a wonderful landscape to explore…

Luke gate-tending at a low-water bridge

I worked hard to get this update done tonight, even though it’s a month overdue, because I am fortunate to be taking Luke and Aidan up north to the “Top End” of the continent in only 48 hours. We will land in Darwin, Northern Territory, hire a 4WD and explore the vast tropical National Parks of Mary River, Litchfield and the stunning jewel-in-the-crown, Kakadu. We will be travelling light, fishing and camping rough for 10-12 days. This is serious croc and snake country, but barring any tragic unforseen events, we plan on arriving home safe and sound in a couple of weeks. I promise several DDU’s revealing all that we discover, so do stay tuned!  Best until then, DDU and all the Nolans

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