So, yesterday was our own version of Boxing Day here at the farm..Not the post-Christmas, gifts to the help, celebration of December 26th in the British ex-Empire…No, this was the big day, when the movers came to take belongings away for shipment to Australia.. Less than 500lbs, going airfreight, not by ocean shipping in 2011…They will be there in 6 days, arriving even before us if not carefully timed…. What a great country! Stephanie was a bit pensive, wouldn’t even pose for a picture with said boxes. ” This is your thing, you pose with them,” she deferred…See photographic evidence below…

Stephanie… 😮

Me… 🙂

Yes, life throws all sorts of forks up in the road, and in the end, there is only one of two responses allowed.  YES, or NO….each leads in a very different direction with repercussions that will spin off for decades hence…In Emergency Medicine we have a saying…”You can’t make perfect decisions with imperfect knowledge..”  We learn to live with the unknown and move forward… So, to this one I say YES, emphatically, if imperfectly.. Good decision or catastrophe…?  Time alone will tell….As for my response to having a midlife crisis ( which I categorically deny btw), I suppose it beats a Miata and a rattail….

Luke and Claire–Psyched , Fern and Max–clueless

The kids have been keeping a countdown on our mudroom blackboard for the last month , artwork courtesy of eldest daughter Claire, age 11. It started out at 30 days to go, and as you can see, we have now arrived at day 0….. We are out of time, and on the road from Fairview Farm…Godspeed and God Bless,,,,,a wide, blue world of adventure and new experiences await… Please stay tuned…. And wishing you all a safe and adventurous New Year into 2012…ddu

Australia, in a child’s mind…

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