Hello world…..Hmmm no echo….or reply…”ANYONE OUT THERE…”  ( this blogging thing will sure take some getting used to) The ultimate empty theater!……..So, the adventure begins… 3 weeks until lift-off, and I’ll admit a bit of cold beginning to creep into both feet…Perhaps a few introductory remarks are in order:

Statement Of Purpose: This blog/ adventure travel log hopes to detail the adventures, mis-adventures and general eye-opening experiences of a mid-career (ie old)  US Emergency Medicine doc, transitioning into a one year sabbatical teaching/ working  Emergency Medicine ( known henceforth as EM) in Queensland , Australia… Challenging enough for sure, but now let’s throw five school-aged kids, ages 12  to 3, and one very harried mom, well out of her comfort zone, into the mix. Stir briskly, and blend in a move from a 100 acre Organic farm in upstate New York to the sub-tropics of northeastern, coastal Australia. Bake in the grueling heat for one year…..Crazy..? Volatile..? Outrageous..?  Follow along, and you, kind reader, be the judge..

Audience(s): Probably many, many of you frigid North Americans have dreamed of just such an escape from your lives and slowly stifling professions..I know I sure have… Well, have no fear, sit back, don’t take any chances..Don’t YOU rock the boat baby…. The Nolan clan has it all covered….taking all the risks for you, while you follow along pleasantly from your warm easy chairs at home, watching the snowflakes drift down lazily, whilst sipping cognac….or something…..Please, learn from our mistakes, and not your own….

Subjects Covered (exam at 11): So, while I hope to provide some real meat in the blog regarding comparative healthcare delivery systems, and interesting or especially disgusting EM medical cases, with photos (!)….. my hope is to engage a much wider range of interests than strictly EM/ EMS devotees. No boring and stuffy here, tuvm….I’d like to share observations regarding wider Australian lifestyle and culture as well. As we are big hikers and amatur naturalists, expect photos and blog entries from the vast, teeming National Parks and trekking paths found throughout Australia as well. Hopefully, a good bit of kid and family fun and pathos will be on offer for your vicarious entertainment as well. Oh, we also love to fish, so expect live action photos and videos of some real silver gems too…The Nolan kids will have their own age and grade specific blog entries as part of an ongoing sharing assignment with their classmates back in the States, addresses to follow…School kids of similar ages might enjoy their observations…

So, that’s a lot; enough for openers….. Lots more to follow, not at all sure where this thing, trip and blog, are heading…..But strap in….. it’s gonna be a wild ride…Best, ddu

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  1. I plan to read this and enjoy your adventures vicariously! So include lots of pictures and details about your wonderful wife and terrific children. Australia is a fabulous place. A friend did an exchange with her jumprope club about 20 years ago, visiting other jumprope clubs in Australia, then hosting several afterward. So I know you may see some jumping, at least in the cities. I wish you many adventures. I can't wait to read about them! Connie Herzig

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