Who Am I?

Why, I’m the Doc Down Under,  o’course…


What is my background?

Born and raised in Boston/ Concord Massachusetts, into a musical and literary family, I’m a Boston Medical Center EM residency-trained Emergency Medicine physician, lifelong singer/ songwriter/ guitarist (performing under the alter-ego of o.g.nolan) , restless seeker and world traveler, pretty decent cook, and happily married father of five wonderful kids.


How did I get started with this adventure?

As detailed in the book, approaching mid-career with impending burnout and the growing, hollow sense that this might really be all there is to my life, I took the road less traveled, leapt the wide Pacific and began an entirely new life under the brilliant Australian sun. Oh, and pulled my wife and kids along for the ride… An epic DDU adventure ensued… Read the book for all the gory details…!


What did I learn professionally?

Australia and Aussies are wonderful, adventurous hosts. But in the end, there is no true paradise…Some places may seem very close indeed; but no, not paradise…


What did I learn personally?

No matter how great the adventure and how many amazing experiences you have, there’s nothing that can take the place of family and home…But, some of us keep searching still…