Beach Kids!!

Behold, the (not so) lowly Mud Crab

Yes, that’s a full sized lemon…


Claire and Cate’s sand sofa

Kayaking the Bay
The boys have been really diligent, spending hours fishing and crabbing… They take fishing mags out of the library, talk with classmates; learning the local tides and ocean environments of Moreton Bay. All that hard work is beginning to pay off! Not only have they caught a few keepers that provided wonderful dinners…by using the fresh heads n’ guts in our crabpot, we have also landed some huge legal-sized mud crabs….The prosaic name aside, these are the sweetest, cleanest crabs I’ve ever had, easily on par with the famous Dungeness crab of the Pacific NW, and they are HUGE….Of course, now they’re begging to hire out a boat and get into open water, after the local snapper and pelagic (open ocean) species; tuna, wahoo, jack, even marlin! So we hope to soon…Stay posted..ddu…

Fishin’ Dogs…

Watch those toes!!
Coochimudlo Island

Yellow-tailed Pike

Coochimudlo Beach Girls…
So, gory bits aside, here’s a cool sequence of turning a Mud Crab into a gourmet delight.. Fresh, wild crab salad with a local lime vinagrette….

One very fresh Mud Crab, foot for scale…


Crab and wine still life, post simmer…

Hungry boys…

Pickin’, and Peelin’

Clean crab meat
Plated salads…(I’m psyched about now…)

Bon Appetite!

Aidan had a major success, catching a large and very desireable Flathead right off our local beach. Called a Lizard locally, the meat is white, chewy and mild. Similar to a lobster tail..

The big catch

A bid old “Lizard…”

Tasty, but not pretty…

I said to Aidan that a fish like that should keep him interested in fishing for a little while longer..He just casted again and said ” For the rest of my life, Dad…..”  Very cool, hooked on fishing…

Aidan’s Big Catch…
Patiently waiting…
…for the next big strike….
Raby Bay canal sunset…Thanks for sharing in our adventures in the outdoors…More fishing next time.. Best Luke, Aidan and all the Nolan kids.!!
Rainforest Kids #1
Mount Beerwah

We finally made it up to the Sunshine Coast, a 100 mile stretch of beautiful beaches running north of Brisbane. You first pass through the ancient, volcanic landscape of the Glasshouse Mnts., culminating at the high-end resort town of Noosa;
famous for it’s excellent surf breaks and beaches, stunning headland National Park and, in season, Australian glitterati set.

Glasshouse Mountain overlook

Luckily we went off season and mid- week and stayed in a cabin. The place was dead, but more green, settled and treed than expected. The beaches and headland were as advertised, spectacular…

Nolan beach girls
Luke’s Dream Condos..
Noosa River Lifesaver Station
The weather was cool and clear, mid-70’s F days, and surprisingly chilly , high 40’s-low 50’s F at night.. Not too bad for winter though…
Main Beach Noosa
Another night, another cabin……

Bunkhouse chaos….

Dr. and Mrs Bad Sunglasses……

Claire’s Dreamtime..

Noosa Headland NP
Noosa headland

Brush Turkey, but not a turkey at all

Coral Sea scene with Pandamus Palm

A bold, and hungry, Magpie
The platinum sea…brilliant…

The hike out around the headland was really exceptional, with sightings of sea turtles and dolphins off the tip at Hell’s Gate.

Hell’s Gate, 300-400 ft to the ocean below
Cable tidal drift

Sisters at Equathon
Main riding ring, Equathon
Claire and Bree, student and mentor

Up early the next morning. Claire had an appointment to ride a horse at Equathon across the river in North Noosa. She’s been waiting months for this opportunity, even packed her jodpurs all the way fron NY! We had to take a short cable ferry across, which was fun and interesting.

Claire on Jewel

Because it was so quiet, she got the added bonus of a one on one ride with the instructor Bree, through the bush and out onto the undeveloped beach. Also, having had three years of riding experience, Claire got to canter through the surf on a full sized horse . Bree was very complimentary on Claire’s confidence, poise, and ability to control such a large animal. Needless to say, Claire was over the moon, and fulfilled one of her Aussie dream wishes.

On the beach…

And in the bush……
Mapleton Falls overlook

Kondalilla Falls trail
Rainforest kids #2

Piccabean Palm forest
Natural gym

Then it was time to leave Noosa and head into the Sunshine Coast hinterlands, an area of mountainous ridges, small country towns, and amazing waterfalls. We returned to Brisbane by the inland route and made a wonderful long weekend of it.

WW1 Memorial, a poignant reminder of the price of Empire. Seen in town squares throughout Australia….

The Obi Obi Valley

Maleny, QLD

Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. Coming soon, more Emergency Medicine and fishing stuff, stay tuned. Best until then!…ddu