The update of my website is in preparation for the publishing of my first book, “Doc Down Under” coming later this fall.

5 thoughts on “DDU Book update

  1. Can’t wait to hear more! This is a test comment from Susan using an antispam plugin. I want to make sure the comment doesn’t resolve in an error.

    • Hi Susan, it seems to work, but on the website, a message appears all in HTML code or somesuch. Is that expected? Fine work…! da o.g.

      • Hi Francis, If you are looking at the box below “leave a reply”, those are guidance html code that people can use to customize their response. To write in BOLD, to write in italics etc.
        Hope that helps! Susan

        • francis nolan says:

          Hi Susan,

          Testing 1-2-3…

          I think I’m almost prepared to reactivate this site and try to get the DDU book across the final line.

          Any progress on the DDU printoff project?

          Cheers. o.g.

  2. Hi everybody! First, all apologies in being so out of touch… Writing a book is a much tougher journey than I ever anticipated! My mind and spirit simply needed to take a break. I’m used to writing songs, that are typically pretty complete in one or two concentrated sessions… So, I’ve been busy writing new songs, and seem to have inadvertently written an entirely new album. Heading into PSE Studios, here in Cooperstown, this month to start laying down basic tracks. No worries, DDU is still alive, and I’ve simply moved the anticipated publication date forward into this summer of 2020. I hear that this process can go on for years and years.. Please stay tuned. Cheers, o.g.

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